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Mr. Woolfe invites you to choose the watch that defines your dream lifestyle. Get immersed in our selection of prestige brands and unique timepieces.

Enjoy the prestige

Flaunt your new, eye catching and envy inducing luxury timepiece – plus gain kudos from peers, friends or even rivals!

Achieve your goals

Return the watch once your mission is accomplished and hunt for your next statement piece, whilst visualising your next adventure, conquest or milestone.

What if you could access a variety of luxury watches on demand?

You can. Now it is possible to rock the most unique brands in the luxury watch world without the burden of an immediate full purchase. Mr. Woolfe gives you the ability to choose the watch of your dreams and see it on your wrist without having to worry about a significant capital outlay. Recent events including Brexit mean that we all want to be savvy with our investments, but would rather not compromise on our lifestyle. Time is precious, and Mr. Woolfe allows you to make the choices that matter.

How it works

Subscribe to our exclusive watch society and decide whether a short-term adventure or longer experience is the right outcome for you. Explore options from the casual experience, to then enjoying the benefits of multiple high-end timepieces throughout the year. For those looking to empower their most valuable employees, Mr. Woolfe also offers a tailored package for corporate membership approaches too.

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Looking to make that actual full committed purchase? Through our concierge style approach Mr. Woolfe can track down the right timepiece and find you the best deal whether you want the timepiece brand new, pre-owned or looking for that elusive vintage item. Mr. Woolfe connects you to all the major luxury brands and acts as your trusted guide in the vast and daunting horological landscape. We can support you in building that enviable watch collection and hunt for the worlds rarest items.


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    Latest Arrivals

    Mr. Woolfe aims to partner with all the major watch and luxury brands with exclusive access to the hottest new timepieces from the likes of Baselworld.

  • Tailored Membership

    From short-term onwards, Mr. Woolfe lets you borrow for that special occasion, high power meeting or just to plain show off to your friends.

  • Premium Experiences

    Not only do you have access to a portfolio of great watches, those who choose our Jet Set option get access to VIP industry events.


Our members enjoy the benefits of VIP events, social networking and encourage peer to peer lending through our trusted networks. Swap stories, make new memories and friends through our fellow watch collectors, industry experts and creative minds. Check out our lifestyle section “On the Prowl” for more info on previous and upcoming events. Should you wish to sell or unlock the monetary value of one of your unique timepieces, Mr. Woolfe can make that happen.

Why buy when
you can rent.

“I’ve always wanted to have a Rolex and now I can wear a variety of different models this year. Mr. Woolfe makes the regular Exec look like a CEO”

Phil C.  – Trader, US Investment Bank

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